Every year, I advise my patients to protect themselves against colds and flu. The best defense against these illnesses is a strong immune system. Here’s how to protect yourself this winter... I recommend a powerful protocol for flu prevention that my patients, my family and I all follow. Begin this protocol now—and continue it through April. The protocol includes...

Influenzinum. I have recommended this homeopathic remedy on its own for more than 15 years. The manufacturers of Influenzinum reformulate it annually based on the flu viruses expected to predominate that year. One French survey found that 90% of 453 people who took Influenzinum did not get the flu.

Vitamin D. Many studies show an association between low levels of vitamin D and respiratory tract infections. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that only 10% of school-age children who took vitamin D got the flu, compared with 18% who took a placebo.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC). This antioxidant helps prevent flu and reduces severity of symptoms if infection occurs. A landmark Italian study found that only 25% of older people who were injected with flu virus after taking NAC for six months experienced flu symptoms, versus 79% who took a placebo.

Just what the doctor ordered