Pulse Warming Dispenser with Spoil Me Massage Oil

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On its own, the Spoil Me Massage Oil is a silky, decadent blend of six premium plant-based oils that delivers a soothing, spa-like experience. But drop the Pulse Pod into the patented warming dispenser and feel the gently warmed oils relax your muscles, soothe your tissues and sweep you away to the Land of "Ooo-Ahh-Ahhhh!" With a simple hand motion under the sensor, the freshly warmed massage oil is delivered from the hygienic sealed pod directly to your (or your partner's) hand with no mess or fuss. The kit includes the 4"-high Pulse Warming Dispenser and four 6.7ml airless Spoil Me Massage Oil pump pods.

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Sarah Hiner

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Amy Buckalter is the visionary behind Pulse. When asked why women (especially perimenopausal and menopausal women) should use Pulse personal lubricants, her answer is simple and direct: "Who wants petrochemicals and parabens in their hoo-ha?" Gotta' love her attitude! Amy's long-lasting personal lubricants are made with natural ingredients that bring slickness and glide back to intimate experiences. When safely and gently warmed, they will relax your tissues and give you sexual sensations you thought you'd never feel again!

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