NW Wild Foods Dried Organic Aronia Berries - 8 oz

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  • NW Wild Foods Dried Organic Aronia Berries - 8 oz
  • NW Wild Foods Dried Organic Aronia Berries - 8 oz
  • NW Wild Foods Dried Organic Aronia Berries - 8 oz
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Directions & Ingredients


Organic Aronia Berries- Product of the USA

NW Wild Foods


Northwest Wild Foods dried organic aronia berries have a dry, tart flavor and are often used in baked goods and casseroles where they come alive to enhance the flavor of the dish. They can also be enjoyed alone or added to other berry or nut mixes. They are wild foraged in the mountains of Eastern Europe and dried to perfection without any sugars, oils, or other additives. Wild aronia berries have been popular in Europe for hundreds of years and are now gaining traction here in the US mainly due to their health benefits, which are being heavily studied.

Aronia berries, also known as chokeberries are packed full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and contain high levels of anthocyanins. These anthocyanins have been shown to help aid in fighting several forms of cancer and help regulate blood sugars.  Dried organic aronia berries are not the only answer to a healthy lifestyle but they sure seem to be a great and constant benefit in the pursuit of a healthy life goal!

Health Benefits:

  • Dried organic aronia berries are one of the nature’s richest sources of the flavonoids known as anthocyanins, power antioxidants that have many health benefits.
  • Dried aronia berries aid in the reduction of blood pressure and also can help reduce eye inflammation.
  • Dried organic aronia berries contain significant levels of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. They also help regulate blood sugar spikes, which is great for people with diabetes.
  • Human trials showed a 25% reduction of the most dangerous of all cholesterol, oxidized low-density lipoprotein, following the consumption of aronia.
  • Studies show aronia berries to be beneficial for many common diseases including Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, colon cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

        Northwest Wild Foods is a family-owned company dedicated to bringing you the rare and natural wild flavors of the Pacific Northwest including berries, mushrooms and other native regional foods. Their intrepid pickers often find themselves competing with Black bear, cougar and other native animals for the best patches. Fortunately for us, the rich fertile soil in that region means there's plenty to go around!

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