dmSkincare Lightening Skin Care Kit

The Lightening Skin Care Kit works nicely with all skin types to achieve a radiant, more even complexion. Contains botanicals formulated with powerful skin-lightening ingredients proven to gradually even skin tone and diminish sun damage and pigmentation.

c-difference capillary defense & hydration moisturizer

Unique, oil-free moisturizer which offers rosacea and anti-aging support to even the most sensitive skin types. Sodium hyaluronate provides superior moisture through its ability to penetrate deeply, deliver water and improve nutrient absorption. Endothelyol®, a new and revolutionary ingredient that controls all of the major skin inflammation factors – addressing both current and future vascular eruptions to reduce visible redness and signs of rosacea. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate offers vitamin C in a gentle form to aid leaky, inflamed blood vessels and provide substrate for new collagen production. Glucosamine HCl and bisabolol contribute anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenation support in this nutrient-rich formula packaged in a light, silky lotion that really makes a “difference” in skin tone and texture.

clari-tone lightening serum

This serum contains pigment lightening agents to block the overproduction of pigment where it is formed in the basal layer of the skin. Kojic acid dipalmitate, azelaic acid and alpha-arbutin are a powerful combination of clinically tested ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase activity. Antioxidant vitamins C and E give added antioxidant support, while salicylic and lactic acids provide an effective delivery and exfoliation system. The pigment blocking agents remain in the cells for a period of time but do not actually bleach them. Exfoliation is necessary to remove old surface pigmentation. This serum has dual uses as these ingredients are also helpful for acne, as they keep pores clean and clear of cellular debris.

AHA salicylic exfoliating solution

This skin renewal product hydrates while exfoliating with a poly-AHA combination of glycolic, lactic acids and salicylic acid. Marine algae extracts normalize the skin's moisture content, detoxify and re-mineralize the skin. This pleasant, non-sticky gel can be used on its own for removing dead cells and imparting a smoother, softer surface to any skin type. It is also used as part of the delivery system for all of the nutrient serums. The combination of acids is extremely effective, yet gentle enough for many sensitive skin types. Salicylic is a mild keratolytic that creates gentle desquamation, as well as imparting anti-microbial benefits.

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While the giant cosmetic companies take advantage of labeling loopholes that allow them to add all kinds of toxins to their skin-care products, dmSkincare is leading a quiet botanical revolution with it pure skin-care and anti-aging products. That's why dmSkincare is recommended by high-end beauty consultants and is found mostly at renowned health and beauty spas. It's also why we offer its products in the Bottom Line Store!

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Suggested Use

In the morning, cleanse the face (recommended botana-gel cleanser). Apply a dime-size amount of C-difference and follow with sun protection (recommended daily eclipse SPF 30 mineral sunscreen). At night cleanse the face (recommended botana-gel cleanser). Apply pea-size amount of clari-tone serum and allow to dry for two (2) minutes. Follow with a dime-size application of AHA salicylic solution to the entire area. Keep both products out of eye area. Clari-tone serum can be used in the morning as well, but care should be taken to avoid sunlight while product is on the skin.


INGREDIENTS This skin care kit contains: clari-tone serum™ – for even skin tone (18 ml) AHA salicylic solution (30 ml) C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion (30 ml) Sunburn Alert: This kit contains products that contain an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.