dmSkincare Lightening Skin Care Kit

The Lightening Skin Care Kit works nicely with all skin types to achieve a radiant, more even complexion. Contains botanicals formulated with powerful skin-lightening ingredients proven to gradually even skin tone and diminish sun damage and pigmentation.

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While the cosmetic conglomerates continue adding all kinds of undisclosed toxins to their skin-care products, dmSkincare is leading a quiet botanical revolution with its pure skin-care and anti-aging products. That's why dmSkincare is recommended by high-end beauty consultants and found mostly at renowned health and beauty spas. It's also why we offer its products in the Bottom Line Store!
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In the morning, cleanse the face (recommended botana-gel cleanser). Apply a dime-size amount of C-difference and follow with sun protection (recommended daily eclipse SPF 30 mineral sunscreen). At night cleanse the face (recommended botana-gel cleanser). Apply pea-size amount of clari-tone serum and allow to dry for two (2) minutes. Follow with a dime-size application of AHA salicylic solution to the entire area. Keep both products out of eye area. Clari-tone serum can be used in the morning as well, but care should be taken to avoid sunlight while product is on the skin.


This skin care kit contains: Clari-tone serum, for even skin tone (18 ml)...AHA salicylic solution (30 ml)...C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion (30 ml).