Hybrid CR

Introducing HybridCR Rapid Immune Defense

Specifically formulated by leading pharmacist Dr. Jason DuBois to beat cold and flu faster than conventional supplements and get you back to better health in 4 days or less!

Dr. DuBois’s passion has always been about helping people find ways to get better faster. And with HybridCR, he has accomplished the nearly impossible—an all-natural supplement that can fight and defeat the effects of the common cold and seasonal flu in only four days!

A billion people will get colds this year (two to three colds per adult and four to six per child), and up to 20% will get the flu. As we approach the peak flu season (December to February), isn’t it time to get prepared?

HybridCR is a 4-day, easy-to-follow dosing regimen that will get you back to good health fast!

When it comes to immune health, the faster your body responds, the better. Rapidly responding to the first symptom inhibits the growth of immune challengers and minimizes the drain on your energy. HybridCR activates your immune arsenal quickly for a strong, speedy defense and keeps your immune system fighting at full strength.

Taking HybridCR for the full four days allows your body to impress into its immune memory everything it learned about fighting illness.

Nature’s most powerful immune boosters

What you will find in HybridCR’s unique formula are three key ingredients—the most effective ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer…

- Echinacea Purpurea (Standardized Root)
Echinacea is well-known for its potent immune-stimulating properties, helping the body deal quickly with immune challengers and HybridCR contains the most powerful form: Echinacea Purpurea. But the benefits of echinacea don’t end there. This herb has a strong effect on inflammation and helps support the body’s normal inflammatory response. This allows the body to rest and de-stress once the problem is past, instead of staying in chronic alert mode.

- Andrographis Paniculata (Standardized Leaf)
This ancient herb from India and Sri Lanka tells your body to start building more defensive immune cells. Andrographis helps manage the severity of an immune challenge by activating a strong, speedy immune response and supporting a healthy inflammatory response. Andrographis has been used as a powerful healer for centuries in Asia and has grown in popularity for the last several decades throughout Scandinavia, as a result of proven results in multiple clinical trials.

- Panax Ginseng (Standardized Leaf)
One of the most powerful immune boosters available, Panax ginseng stimulates immune cells that help the body detect and kill invaders. It helps build up the body’s natural killercell population in order to shorten the duration of immune challenges, especially cold and flu.

HybridCR checks all the boxes when it comes to an all-natural supplement. It’s non-GMO and free of magnesium stearate, preservatives, dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, soy and yeast…and the capsules are vegan-certified!*

HybridCR—it’s what you need, when you need it

HybridCR is not just for cold and flu—it helps protect you throughout the “season of sickness” and when traveling. Before getting on a plane—a place known to be a cesspool of germs, for example—kick-start your body’s defenses by taking 3 capsules and 3 more capsules in-flight. For general seasonal wellness, one HybridCR capsule daily is recommended throughout the winter months to keep your immune system ready for battle.

It’s easy to follow the protocol when you need it most.

Dr. Jason DuBois—Founder, Inventor, Skeptic-Turned-Believer

Dr. Dubois's passion as a pharmacist has always been about helping people find ways to heal and feel better faster. He started his career in retail pharmacy but soon went on to specialize in immunology and solid organ transplantation at a world-renowned solid organ transplant clinic in Northeast Florida. His most notable achievements were the pioneering of four successful solid organ transplant programs and the creation of a medication therapy management program designed to help patients learn and optimize their medication and supplement regimen.

And then his world changed when he discovered the value of natural supplementation to aid in health and wellness.

Ironically, Dr. DuBois's penchant for natural supplements actually came out of sheer skepticism. Prior to 2004, he was an “unbeliever,” to put it lightly. After years of not advocating for natural supplements, he decided to challenge his own biased notions about whether supplements could truly be effective. Through his own research, Dr. DuBois set out to determine if there was any credible scientific evidence that natural supplements could support the immune system. After years of research, Dr. DuBois made several pivotal discoveries that converted his beliefs about natural supplements and led to the development of HybridCR™.

To date, Dr. DuBois has counseled thousands of patients, improving their health and wellness with insightful advice on how to get the most from medications and supplements. He uses his clinical expertise and knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine to help patients safely integrate natural supplements with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

* Do not take if pregnant or breast-feeding.