Expert Selected Mood and Stress Products

  1. Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium High-Absorption Orange-Vanilla - 16 ounces
    Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium Orange-Vanilla 16 oz
    The best way to take calcium! Protect against bone loss and fractures with this science-based, high absorption formula containing just the right ratios of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.
  2. Pure Encapsulations GABA - 700 mg
    Pure Encapsulations GABA - 700 mg 120 Capsules
    If your thoughts spin out of control when your head hits the pillow, you might benefit from GABA. It turns down your brain activity and leaves you in control. Sweet dreams!
  3. Daily Stress Formula 180c
    Pure Encapsulations Daily Stress Formula - 180 Capsules
    Daily Stress Formula is not a general multivitamin and mineral tablet, but rather a powerful targeted formula designed to counteract the debilitating effects of stress including fatigue, cognitive impairment and reduced immunity.
  4. Zennery aromatherapy Nebulizer and Diffuser
    Zennery Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
    Find your center with a dash of color and playfulness. The milk glass vase gently evolves from one color to the next, creating a relaxing room ambiance and spa-like experience.