Bottom Line's Treasury of Health Secrets for Seniors

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Bottom Line's Treasury of Health Secrets for Seniors:  If you are a “senior” or are over 60, you probably are a victim of medical ageism. Which means that your doctors dismiss your health issues as only symptoms of aging. And your complaints and conditions may not be tested—or treated—adequately. Bottom Line's Treasury of Seniors will teach you how to get quality medical care, about natural alternatives to drugs, and access nutritional advice specifically for older adults. 

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You get 7 special reports in one convenient library…… (1) Health Insurance Survival Bible, teaches you how to protect your medical rights under tricky laws (2) Amazing Weight Loss: What Works, reveals how to lose weight and keep it off forever,  (3) Pocket Guide to Blood Pressure Healing Breakthroughs, the secret to dropping blood pressure in just 60 days, (4) Speedy Solutions to Stubborn Health Problems, delivers fast acting, proven relief you need-without prescription drugs, (5) World’s Most Powerful AnticancerFoods, helps you to discover what foods may block and reverse cancer, (6) Uncensored Secrets to Great Sex at Any Agethe tasteful guide you’ll wish you read 10 years ago,  (7)The Insider’s Guide to a Recession-Proof Retirement, simple guide that helps you protect your financial future no matter what happens to the economy.

Treasury for Seniors reveals hundreds of healing secrets for seniors to manage and even cure chronic conditions, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and digestive problems to help you improve your health, and even extend your life.