The New Science of Genetic Healing

by Editors of Bottom Line Publications

In his book, The New Science of Genetic Healing, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor focuses on harnessing the power hidden in foods to change your genetic predisposition for disease. You will find practical advice as well as recipes that are easy to incorporate into your life. Learn how to turn off your genes for….. arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity…..even if it runs in your family. You will to banish deadly inflammation by air-conditioning your cells….the delicious fruit that turns off your cancer-promoting genes….how to reprogram your genes to kill fat cells……the secret to switching off your family’s heart disease gene….and so much more.

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Included are 7 reports: 

#1: How To Avoid Diabetes

#2: Turn Off Your Fat Genes

#3: Turn Off Your Immortality Gene

#4: How To Beat Alzheimer's', Dementia, Memory Loss

#5: Five Minute Food Cures

#6: Great Sex After 60

#7: Genetic Testing

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Hardcover 352 pages
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