1,137 Secrets for Living Well with Diabetes

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  • 1,137 Secrets for Living Well with Diabetes
  • 1,137 Secrets for Living Well with Diabetes
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Judith H. McQuown
Bottom Line Books
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Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you tired of struggling to control this condition day-in and day-out? Then take a look at Bottom Line’s 1,137 SECRETS FOR LIVING WELL WITH DIABETES – this hardcover book is packed with cutting-edge advice to help you manage, treat, reverse, or even cure your diabetes or blood sugar problem like never before! Discover new tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you take charge of your health and live your best life yet! Written by noted author and diabetes-expert, Judith McQuown, Bottom Line’s 1,137 SECRETS FOR LIVING WELL WITH DIABETES is filled with real-world plans that will not only help you manage your condition, but also thrive as you continue to live well with diabetes! If you are concerned about diabetes, you need to be aware of the revolutionary advice in this book! Order Today and Receive this Special Gift! Diabetes Breakthroughs You Never Knew Existed – An Exclusive Compilation of 25 Special Reports. A $39.95 value – yours FREE with your order of Bottom Line’s 1,137 SECRETS FOR LIVING WELL WITH DIABETES. Free Special Report #1: The Rubber Band Breakthrough for Curing Diabetes Free Special Report #2: No More Neuropathy Pain Free Special Report #3: Precision Medicine Just for You Free Special Report #4: Scalpel-Free Surgery: New Technology Reaches Deep Inside Your Body—without Ever Breaking Skin Free Special Report #5: Medical Marijuana The Cure You've Been Looking For? Free Special Report #6: The Best Non-Drug Approaches for Parkinson's Free Special Report #7: Is Your Smart Phone Making You Gain Weight in Your Sleep? Free Special Report #8: The Secret to Finding Your Biological Peak Every Day Free Special Report #9: The 7-Minute Workout Plan that Gives You a Better Workout than Hours at the Gym Free Special Report #10: How to Get Beautiful, Healthy Teeth at Every Age. Forever! Free Special Report #11: Sugar Cure for Arthritic Knee Pain Lasts Over 2 Years Free Special Report #12: No More Wincing When You Walk, Kneel, or Climb Stairs Free Special Report #13: Strong Hands, Flexible Fingers Free Special Report #14: Compassion Therapy Significantly Reduces Chronic Pain, Migraines and More Free Special Report #15: How a Family Spat Predicts Your Health Future Free Special Report #16: Snore No More–No Gadgets Required Free Special Report #17: Stop Suffering from Tinnitus Free Special Report #18: Scandinavian Heat Secret Boosts Brain Power in 15 Minutes Free Special Report #19: Reset Your Brain To Lose Weight for Good.

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Special Edition Hardcover - 352 pages