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Kyolic® odorless Aged Garlic Extract™

Kyolic uses aged garlic extract as its main ingredient. It is coated with non-water soluble compounds that allow for the garlic to be infused more effectively into the body. The unique aging process applied in manufacturing Aged Garlic Extract distinguishes Kyolic from other garlic products available on the market. First, the garlic cloves are cleaned and sliced. Then, under carefully controlled conditions, the sliced garlic is stored in a stainless steel tank and naturally aged, without heating, for up to twenty months. Through this unique process, the harsh and unstable organosulfur compounds are converted into mild and effective compounds, including the sulfur-containing amino acids that are responsible for Kyolic’s health benefits. This conversion eliminates odor-causing components, resulting in the truly odorless Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract that contains safe, stable, bioavailable and beneficial compounds.

All products are organic and free of any harmful pesticides.


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