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 “When the economy falters, companies try to sell us memories of happier times.” That’s just one dirty little secret author and consumer advocate Martin Lindstrom shared with Bottom Line readers. In fact, in Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy, Lindstrom paints a frightening picture of the many ploys that marketers use to get you to buy their products, including ways that companies stoke the flames of fear surrounding natural disasters, sickness and food contamination and how they actually develop their products to become physically addictive. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience with some of the world’s largest companies, Lindstrom will reveal some of the most manipulative marketing practices that tap into customers’ deepest fears, vulnerabilities and dreams.

From the best-selling author of Buyology comes a shocking insider’s look at how today’s global giants conspire to obscure the truth and manipulate our minds, all in service of persuading us to buy.

Marketing visionary Martin Lindstrom has been on the front lines of the branding wars for more than 20 years. Here, he turns the spotlight on his own industry, drawing on all he has witnessed behind closed doors, exposing for the first time the full extent of the psychological tricks and traps that companies use to win our hard-earned dollars. Lindstrom reveals…

 • New findings that reveal how advertisers and marketers intentionally target children at an alarmingly young age—starting when they are still in the womb!

 • How marketers and retailers stoke the flames of public panic and capitalize on paranoia over global contagions, extreme weather events and food-contamination scares

 • The first ever neuroscientific evidence proving how addicted we all are to our iPhones and our Blackberry’s (and the shocking reality of cell-phone addiction—it can be harder to shake than addictions to drugs and alcohol)

 • How companies of all stripes are secretly mining our digital footprints to uncover some of the most intimate details of our private lives, then using that information to target us with ads and offers “perfectly tailored” to our psychological profiles

 • How certain companies, including the maker of one popular lip balm, purposely adjust their formulas to make their products chemically addictive

 • What a three-month-long guerilla marketing experiment, conducted specifically for this book, tells us about the most powerful hidden persuader of them all

…and much, much more.            

Author Lindstrom, Martin/ Spurlock, Morgan (FRW)
Author Bio No
Book Format N/A
Publication Date Sep 20, 2011
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