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  1. Bad Drugs, Good Alternatives: 26 Breakthroughs & Warnings


    Bad Drugs, Good Alternatives: A Collection of 26 Breakthroughs & Warnings

    6 Special Reports on Diabetes 6 Special Reports on Heart Health 2 Special Blood Pressure Reports 3 Special Osteoporosis Reports 2 Special Reports on Good Digestion 4 Special Reports on Pain & Arthritis Special Report on Prostate Health And two new exposes that are shaking the medical world to its foundation: Drug Company Tactics: The Insider’s Guide & The Drugs No Senior Should EVER Take

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  2. Bottom Line's Library of New Healing Breakthroughs


    Bottom Line's Library of New Healing Breakthroughs: An exclusive compendium of 7 reports Weight Loss Made Easy: What Really Works The New Guide To A Healthy, Happy Symptom-Free Menopause Secrets to Fantastic sex Over 50 Best Drug-Free Arthritis Cures; Stop Pain Fast! Amazing New Secrets of Looking Younger and Living Longer New Heart-Health Breakthroughs Slash Your Drug Costs

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  3. The Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well

    Regular Price: $25.99

    Special Price: $23.39

    An epidemic of allergies is spreading around the world. One billion people now suffer from allergic diseases such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, and food allergies. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In this groundbreaking book, award-winning doctor Leo Galland, M.D., reveals the shocking rise of hidden allergies that lead to unexplained weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, ADHD, depression, digestive problems, and much more. Astonishing new research shows how each of these is linked to the immune imbalance that is at the root of allergy.

    A brilliant clinician, Dr. Galland has unlocked the power of this breakthrough science to help thousands of patients who have struggled with mystery conditions answer the question: "Doctor, what is wrong with me?" Here, he is joined by his son, Jonathan Galland, J.D., a passionate health writer and environmental advocate, in exposing the truth that just as the earth's environment is out of balance, our bodies have become out of balance. The modern world, with pollution, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and excessive exposure to antibiotics, is fueling the rise in allergies.

    The Allergy Solution takes an in-depth look at how we can balance immunity through nutrition and lifestyle to reverse allergies without drugs, then lays out an easy nutritional program, starting with a 3-Day Power Wash designed to clear the tracks, to help us take back control. Do you suffer from asthma, eczema, or sinusitis? Are you sick of pain, brain fog, weight gain, anxiety, or depression, or wondering what is behind your mysterious symptoms? Let Dr. Galland's clinical experience and unique insights into cutting-edge science guide you back to health.

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  4. The Liver Healing Diet: The MD's Nutritional Plan to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Fatty Liver Disease and Promote Good Health

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $14.36

    The only organ in your body that regenerates itself is the liver. And now, you can make it happen. With a complete program to rejuvenate your liver through optimal nutrition and routine exercise,The Liver Healing Diet shows you how to:

    Improve liver function
    Beat fatty liver disease
    Detoxify the liver
    Boost all-around health
    Nourish the body with delicious recipes

    The Liver Healing Diet teaches you basic liver facts, how to talk to your doctor about liver disease and what steps you need to reverse years of abuse. With your newly repaired liver you'll feel better, have more energy and live a healthy lifestyle.

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  5. Getting over Overeating for Teens

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $15.26

    Written by a family therapist and eating disorder specialist, this book will help teens challenge their own thinking and transform their relationship to food, giving them the skills they need to manage their emotions and find the comfort and sweetness they truly seek in life--without overeating!

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  6. Overcoming Procrastination for Teens

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $15.26

    Procrastinating is a bad habit that, if left unchecked, can hinder a teen's success and follow them well into adulthood. With this book, procrastination expert Bill Knaus offers teens an evidence-based, step-by-step guide to overcoming procrastination. With simple and fun exercises based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills, teens will learn to organize their schedule, manage homework, overcome negative self-talk, and improve their self-esteem.

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  7. The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Reduce Anxiety and Get Things Done

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $15.26

    Unhealthy perfectionism can result in low self-esteem, severe anxiety, and self-destructive behavior--and teens are especially vulnerable. Based in proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this workbook will help you develop the self-compassion and mindfulness tools you need to counteract the negative effects of perfectionism and develop new, healthy skills for boosting your self-confidence.

    In our high-pressure society, it's easy to hold ourselves (and others) to impossibly high standards. And when we fail to meet those standards--as we inevitably do--we may become overly critical of ourselves, or lash out toward others. While perfectionism is often associated with positive traits, such as conscientiousness, ambition, and pride in good work, dysfunctional perfectionism is destructive and can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and a number of mental health concerns, like depression, procrastination, and self-harm.

    With The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens, you'll gain a clear understanding of what perfectionism is and learn to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy perfectionism so you'll be better able to manage your own and others' expectations. Using powerful tools drawn from cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies, you'll learn to identify your perfectionist thoughts, discover new ways of responding to your critical inner voice, and build the skills you need to combat negative behaviors based in perfectionism, like chronic procrastination.

    If perfectionism is causing trouble in your life, the techniques and exercises in this book will help you develop non-perfectionist skills and habits, leading to reduced fear, anxiety, and shame, and increased self-compassion and confidence in getting things done and handling daily pressures.

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  8. The Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook for Teens: activities to help you create unshakable self-confidence & reach your goals

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $15.26

    Written by two leaders in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this engaging, must-have workbook builds on the success of Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens to provide proven-effective exercises and skills that will empower you to replace your self-doubt with self-confidence so you can be your best.

    Self-confidence shapes the way you see the world. When you have healthy self-esteem, it helps you move through life and boosts your resilience against stress. On the other hand, negative thinking has negative consequences: low self-esteem and self-doubt can hold you and back and lead to self-sabotage, along with an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behaviors.

    With The Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook for Teens, two leaders in the field of CBT present the wisdom and guidance of Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens in a fun workbook format. Filled with easy CBT-based activities and tips, this book will help you recognize, rethink, and replace self-doubt, enabling you to transform your negative self-image into a more positive, accurate reflection so you have the confidence to pursue your dreams and find success.

    How you think affects how you feel and what you do. Now, with this proven-effective skills-based workbook, you'll be ready to eliminate self-doubt and build sustainable, unshakeable self-confidence and lasting self-esteem.

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  9. Transforming Stress for Teens: The Heartmath Solution for Staying Cool Under Pressure

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $15.26

    It's stressful being a teen! In Transforming Stress for Teens, leaders from the world-renowned Institute of HeartMath and Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute team up to teach overwhelmed and stressed-out teens how to use HeartMath skills--proven-effective tools and techniques to help you manage daily stress and anxiety, and develop resilience by managing emotion.

    The teen years are a time of significant change and growth, and teens face numerous stressors like homework overload, conflict with friends and family, balancing school and other responsibilities, and dealing the all-too-common feeling of being left out or of not belonging. Emotions can "drain your battery," and many teens struggle when it comes to managing their everyday stress. Some withdraw or even turn to destructive behaviors in an effort to feel better.

    Following the success of Transforming Stress, this book is the first to provide teens with the life-changing, proven-effective HeartMath skills for reducing stress. Using these practical evidence-based concepts and techniques, this book will help you manage stress by showing you how to manage your emotions. And with these emotion regulation skills, like the relaxing heart-breathing technique, you'll feel calmer, be more confident, think more clearly, bounce back from challenging situations, and enjoy life with a new understanding of what's really important to you.

    Transforming Stress for Teens will help you recognize the mental, emotional, and physical impact of stress, and guide you toward finding balance, clarity, and self-assurance with the proven HeartMath tools. When you feel better, you do better--this book will show you how.

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  10. How Can I Get Better?: An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price: $14.39

    Are you sick, but can’t find any answers why? Do you have a seemingly unconnected collection of symptoms that leave doctors guessing? Or have you been diagnosed, but found that none of the treatments seems to make a difference? You may have Lyme disease and not even know it. Known as “the great imitator,” Lyme disease and its associated co-infections can mimic the symptoms of and often be misdiagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and even depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis. In his landmark book, Why Can’t I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease, renowned internist and leading world expert Dr. Horowitz introduced his revolutionary plan for treating Lyme disease, and chronic diseases in general. Now, in this new handbook How Can I Get Better?, Dr. Horowitz updates his research and offers a direct, actionable step-by-step plan for implementing his 16 MSIDS Diagnostic Map. You will find:

    *The latest pertinent information on the most important scientific discoveries

    *Emerging research on bacterial “persisters”—bacteria that can survive antibiotics—and new therapies to get rid of them

    *A seven-step action plan that patients and doctors can follow to ensure better health.

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  11. Homemade Cleaners: Quick-and-Easy, Toxin-Free Recipes to Replace Your Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Disinfectant, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Bug Killer, Air Freshener, and More...

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price: $13.46

    Toxic chemicals are found in almost all commercial cleaners--the very products you buy to make your home hygenic and healthy. Homemade Cleaners offers a better solution. Its tips, tricks and formulas guarantee to make your home sparkling and germ-free.
    Homemade Cleaners features over 150 recipes that are:

    *Simple and Affordable
    *Highly Effective
    *Environmentally Sound
    *Kid and Baby Friendly

    Using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and even vodka, the authors tackle the nitty-gritty of everything from countertop cleaners to air-purifying plants so you avoid using commercial products that can cause side effects including skin irritation, asthma and central nervous system damage.

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  12. The Urban Treasure Hunter

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price: $17.06

    Every city possesses countless hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, ancient artifacts, valuable jewelry, and vintage coins, as well as hundreds of other highly sought-after collectibles. Michael Chaplan, treasure hunter extraordinaire, has written a complete and practical guide to locating, unearthing, and identifying all of those treasures. The book begins with the basics, and then presents a working knowledge of digs. An up-to-date resource section provides useful lists of specialized catalog companies and helpful websites, organizations, magazines, and books.

    Whether you are an avid collector of artifacts, a weekend explorer in search of adventure, or simply a creative person in need of something fun to do, you will find that The Urban Treasure Hunter provides the perfect rewarding hobby.

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  13. My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive As a Creative Professional for Hire

    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price: $16.20

    Tired of clocking in and losing out? Want to pursue creative, fulfilling work on your own time and also make a living in the process? My So-Called Freelance Life is a how-to guidebook for women who want to avoid the daily grind and turn their freelance dreams into reality. Michelle Goodman, author of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide and self-proclaimed former wage slave, offers tips, advice, how-to's, and everything else a woman needs to pursue a freelance career.

    Confused as to whether you should tell your clients that the odd gurgling sound during a conference call is emanating from the infant sleeping on your shoulder? Goodman answers all of the unusual questions that may arise for women exploring the freelance world. Far more than your normal business guidebook, My So-Called Freelance Life blends candid, humorous anecdotes from a wide variety of freelancers with Goodman's own personal experiences as a creative worker for hire.

    Whether you're a freelance first-timer or a seasoned creative professional, copyediting queen or web guru,My So-Called Freelance Life is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in freelancing.

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  14. Shark Tank Secrets to Success: How to Propel Your Business from the Tank to the Bank

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price: $13.49

    Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business (Book 1) was all about the high-level process of starting a venture: how to assess an idea, how to start a business, how to grow a company. The natural extension would be for the next book to be all about the practice, or rather, the application of that process.

    In the second book, we zoom in and provide readers with a real-life look at the daily challenges an entrepreneur tackles in order to run a successful company. More than just concepts, this book takes readers through the evolution of what it means to actually be an entrepreneur--from the pages to the pavement. And what better way to do that than through lens of Shark Tank?

    From practical business tips to unforgettable anecdotes and experiences, Shark Tank Secrets to Success provides readers with a playbook custom designed by some of Shark Tank's most successful entrepreneurs. It's the perfect guide for ambitious businessmen and women who want to start and grow and thriving company.

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  15. Google Apps for Dummies

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $22.49

    Google Apps are Web-based, low-cost (or free!) office productivity tools that do everything those expensive applications do -- and you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection. Google Apps For Dummiesboosts your "app-titude" by giving you the low-down on choosing, setting up, and using these nifty and powerful gadgets for work or play.

    Whether you're an individual who wants to take advantage of iGoogle or an organization looking for an enterprise-wide training solution for users at all levels, this comprehensive, practical guide brings you up to speed with all of the basic information and advanced tips and tricks you need to make good use of every Google Apps's tool and capability. Discover how to:

    • Get productive fast with free or inexpensive Web-based apps
    • Design your perfect Start Page layout
    • Choose among the different editions
    • Use Gmail and Google Talk
    • Work with Google Docs and spreadsheet documents
    • Create and collaborate on documents
    • Import events into your calendar
    • Build dazzling presentations
    • Use Dashboard to create and manage user accounts
    • Create a Web page with a unique domain setting

    Google Apps are poised to shatter the primacy of the current way of working with PCs, saving businesses, schools, government agencies, and individuals big bucks on software, network infrastructure, and administration. Google Apps For Dummies is your key to making this revolutionary new approach work for you and your organization.

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